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With every 150 products sold, we will fund a classroom of 30 children to draw and plant a virtual tree each for Boranka, the largest ever voluntary post-fire reforestation project in Croatia.


Enormous areas of forests are being destroyed in huge wildfires that are occurring frequently along the Croatian coast. Devastating firestorms are leaving behind wastelands with catastrophic consequences for the environment and destroying the homes of wildlife.


Boranka transforms every virtual tree into a real one using Aleppo pine, native species such as downy oak, black and maritime pine, stone pine, cypress and various species of bushes in its reforestation process. Forestry specialists determine where exactly each species will be planted in various areas of Croatia.


By purchasing WOOD products you contribute to planting trees in devastated areas as well as educating children about the reforestation process in a fun and inclusive way. Don’t forget to join our Take Action program of returning bottles to reduce our carbon footprint!

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