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“When I started this brand, I wanted to create skincare that does wonders for our skin and is also protective of our environment. I felt it would be such a relief to have beautiful skin knowing it was also making the planet safe.”

Ana-Marija Saric, Founder


Reusing glass bottles ensures we reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating emissions from recycling bottles, manufacturing new bottles and delivering those new bottles from our manufacturer to our headquarters in Samobor, Croatia.


You can help our cause by returning your bottles when you are finished with them. What you need to do is simply keep the delivery box and all of its packing materials then let us know when our courier can pick up your bottles from your home.


When we receive enough bottles, we will collectively wash and sterilise them to be refilled. The wooden caps and plastic pumps will be recycled and replaced with new ones to ensure the new products will be hygienic and safe for your repurchase.

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